IOT Chapters

Chapters are the integral part of student community aimed at the overall development of the community. Chapters’ acts as bridges in bridging the gap between the problems faced by industries, general public, government bodies and its solutions. The beginning of each chapter indicates the level of understanding of the concepts involved in the respective technologies.

“Every maker is entrusted the responsibility of conferring forward the chapters to his fellow makers.”

The 2 main driving forces of the chapters are organizers and makers. The duty of the organizers is bringing students together to have a well defined technical discussion. Organizers are not just the people who organize but they are also the people who are well technically equipped and connected with the industries .They provide a handful contribution by interacting with the sponsors and industries to make the commencement of each chapter a huge success and drive it forward. The chapters make use of the makers in bringing out solutions to these problems. The makers take up the responsibility of interacting with the industries , sponsors , government bodies and mentors in- order to bring-out innovative solutions/products .This products will indeed help them in transforming themselves into either a developer or an entrepreneur.