Smart City Hackathon - KAKINADA

The Smart City Hackathon- Kakinada was held on September 19th -22nd, 2017.With the memorable experience and successful results of Vijayawada Hackathon, Makers landed in Kakinada, the district headquarters of East Godavari famous for the sea port. Interestingly, PM Narendra Modi had also named it ‘One of the 100 cities that would be developed into a “Smart City”. With the mission of finding innovative students and giving life to their idea, Makers reached Aditya Engineering College to conduct a 2 day workshop followed by a 2-day Hackathon. And as-usual the response was overwhelming.

Unlike the previous hackathons, Kakinada hackathon was exclusive only to Aditya Engineering college students and being one of the prestigious institutions, It is no exaggeration to say that this event would create impact and sow the seed for many hackathons to come in future.


The event was scheduled on 19th of September. As, it was the first time for students we decided to conduct an orientation program to make them aware about hackathon. Needless to say, the young grads showed passion and enthusiasm to be a part of this.

Ramanujan Bhavan where the Hackathon was conducted

Workshop Day-1

Registrations were completed by 9:30am. Students were seated according to their teams. We directly dived into the technicality of workshop as promised. Our experts Mr. Srinath and Mr. Prashanth kick started the event at 9:30am. The morning session, lead by Mr Srinath, focussed on the basics on IoT and open-source hardware platforms such as Arduino, NodeMCU and various sensors. The theoretical part of the event was on. The second half, taken over by Mr.Prashanth, focussed on explaining different types of sensors and interacting with them .This was the hands-on session for the day.

The day was productive for students as they were excited to work with hardware previous unknown to them. They were inspired and their heads teeming with ideas of how they were going to put these new found ideas and knowledge to use this platform and the sensors for their projects during Hackathon.

Mr. Srinath explaining IOT architecture to students.

Workshop Day-2

Mr. Surya took the centre stage and explained about a cloud platform called ThingSpeak to the students, on the second day. The event took a brisk pace .Mr.Surya then explained about MIT app inventor which helped them creating interface for the app they wanted to implement. Students were extremely invested in developing their ideas and were excited about the upcoming Hackathon for the next 2 days.

Day 2 of Hackathon conducted by Siva rama Krishna and Surya


Students while participating in hackathon

Ideas pitch went with experts and Makers coordinating with students, getting details about their projects and provided valuable opinions to make it better. Around 1:30pm in the afternoon, Development phase started and students were extremely invested in making their ideas come to life. Training from the workshop helped them use the IoT Platforms better and to make their app better. The room was filled with ideas and its echo was indeed inspiring.

The development continued for few more hours. Our hackathon was cordially conducted with the help of Tech-Hub and its chief Mr. Neelam Babji helped us pooling the students for the Hackathon. Mr Neelam Babji, Mr Sandeep and Mr Pushkar Vohra acted as the distinguished mentors for the Hackathon and motivated students.

Mr Srinath Rao helping students make Smart Voice Control

“Power monitoring and logging by Appliances” is being created.

Mr Surya helping students in hackathon

Mr Babji while students pitch their projects.

About twenty one teams participated and over the course of the two days of Hackathon, they could develop their prototypes with sheer enthusiasm and inspiration. Their response was great and with two days of intense brainstorming, programming and pitching, three teams came out on top as this year’s Hackathon winners.


Mr Babji motivating students before certificates are awarded

Students after their prolonged labour were appreciated and congratulated for their hard work in the form of Appreciated certification of participation. The certification included various IT companies who has sponsored for making this event happen.

The winners, runner-up and second runner-up were appreciated and gifted with IoT Makers T-shirts and other goodies including the winning participation certification and once in a life-time chance to incubate their product further helping in making their product come to reality. The closing ceremony was also a grand success. People really appreciated the work and initiative taken by IOT makers for making the event happen.


T.VanaJakshi, Mounica, Prakash Rao, Satya Sai Kumar, Pavan Kumar and Lahari awarded with Winner Certificate Project name : Smart Street Light


Judges Mr Srinath, Sandeep, Babji and Program Manager Rishabh Hurshan presenting shirts and certificates to Runner-ups Divya, Ramya J.L Prasanna and Divya Project Name: Smart Agriculture

Mr Vamsi Raju, Prasoona and Sourabh awarded with appreciation certificate

Neelam Babji presented with IOT Makers t-shirt by Rishabh Hurshan