Smart City Hackathon - Tirupati


WE THE MAKERS, as a team, have only one goal which is to enable people to push the horizons of knowledge in developing something extraordinary from the ordinary instruments we daily use. Not all innovation comes from scientific labs or results from well-designed processes. Innovation remains a black box in all respects .Innovation comes from a push. Push requires a path .A push towards managing and directing innovation on the right path. Maker’s community is all about providing that path. And that’s what we get for anyone who wants to learn the most happening technologies in the present day.

Setting up Workshop

On the 3rd of August, We were all excited for our first stop of IoT Makers for hackathon to spread the knowledge of internet of things and to inculcate the culture of hackathons across colleges in India. The stage was set.

On the 4th of August, We had a overwhelming response from the young grads who showed they could really show wonders, provided the right platform which was in line with our ambition which was self sustainable ecosystem that lets young minds not only explore technology but have a profound impact on the existing market and industry.

Inauguration of boot camp

IoT Makers’ boot camp kick-started with a BANG!

We interacted with the students and explained them about vision of IOT makers and how their role was indispensable. Mr Amarender, a distinguished personality in the field of IOT was called in for mentoring students, because “If you are learning, why not from the best”.

Mr. Amarender, Director-Innovations, explaining the vision of IOT makers community to students

Workshop day Day 1 & 2

As planned, Workshop lasted for 2 days with first day to explain with the introductions of devices that students are supposed to interact with and hands-on experience with actual test cases .Apart from giving a whole new understanding of actual applications, the IOT could be used for solving the real-time problems.

Second day was more about front-end and how to use smart solutions in user friends and interactive way.

Program manager Rishabh hurshan pitching to students about Bootcamp and its aim

Mr Amarender interacting with students during Hackathon

Setting up Hackathon

Hackathon in Tirupati was the first ever attempt made by the IOT Makers to kick-start the mission to make series of events for later, which includes creating IOT Chapters as part of meet ups. We got a good response from participation and response from the students. The hackathon had grandiose, with 2 floors occupied by fully enthused participants coming-in with their team. There were individual mentors and qualified personnel assigned to help them developing their idea.

Banner arranged in-front of SVU as part of 2-day Hackathon

Inauguration of Hackathon

Hackathon , as expected had a grand opening .It started with introduction of all mentors and different expertise being called up for helping students with their ideas. It was also chaired and partnered by the members of SVU, especially with the vice chancellor being invited as the chief guest of the inauguration. VC of SV University who delivered and greeted all IOT enthusiasts with his inspiring words. Inauguration Ceremony ended by honouring Mr. Amarender who was the mentor for the first 2 days of boot camp and the Alpha-IOT maker.

SVU VC Dr. Avula Damodaram, Mr. Amarender and Dr. Ramasree entering the auditorium.

Dr. Rama Sri, Placement director of SV-UNIVERSITY, during the inaugural event

Vice Chancellor of SVU, Dr. Damodaram inaugurating Hackathon with his inspiring speech


With the ring of the bell from the chief organizer of the event, Rishab Hurshan, the students were followed by their mentors for proper guidance. Each one of the team was given a solid half an hour which includes mentorship, software & hardware requirements for building up their product, as well as giving a whole new idea about their application and the real time usage of the applications exclusive to the solution towards it.


The hackathon was started on time i.e 12’O Clock in afternoon, the mentorship was done, students were provided with lunch to get revitalized. Students were seated on their respective seats in the different rooms .Each team have their occupied space and the necessary kits were provided to them. There was an air enthusiasm and excitement among the participants for getting started and they maintained it for straight 4 hours, till 6 in the evening. After the second round of review, students were back to their hack with new insights and information that would help them make their product even better.

Program Manager Mr. Rishabh hurshan pitching about Hackathon Schedule


About 12am in the morning, there was a special event organized for the hackers which was to excite them and more importantly keep them awake at night which included various physical exercises and other fun activities, did the job of keeping them awake.


Students were energetic throughout the session and got to know about IoT and its purpose many more where youngsters determined to work on their ideas and build their own ventures! Students had put remarkable amount of work due to which their ideas were shaped into different prototypes. The models and ideas were appreciated by all the juries. Their hard work really paid off.

Students getting ready for final pitch.

Students pitching their project on the final day.


Students after their prolonged labour were appreciated and congratulated for their hard work in the form of Appreciated certification of participation .The certification included various IT companies who has sponsored for making this event happen.

The winners, runner-up and second runner-up were appreciated and gifted with IOT MAKERS T-shirts and other goodies including the winning participation certification and once in a life-time chance to incubate their product further helping in making their product come to reality. The closing ceremony was also a grand success. People really appreciated the work and initiative taken by IOT makers for making the event happen.

Winners of Smart City Hackathon Hemanth, Divya and Naveena awarded with WINNER CERTIFICATE

Runner up of Smart City Hackathon-Tirupati


Andhra Jyothi has published a news article on 6 th of August about the Smart City Hackathon- Tirupati. The article included VC OF SV University Mr.Damodaram’s oration about Future of IoT to students and its importance. In the picture below, Mr. Amarender spoke to students about “The push needed to make change in one’s life” and how makers can help them in achieving their goals.

Andhra Jyothi newspaper aug 6th 2017


Even if conducting hackathon had it fair bit of challenges, the interest and enthusiasm shown by the students compensated all the troubles and challenges we faced seemed worth it.

Even if it was a first time the tirupati had experienced an event like hackathon we have received a grand welcome and the support shown by the students only indicates the need to have more such events conducted. Overall, We are extremely happy to have chosen such an amazing group of enthusiasts, explorers to be part of our community.

What’s left but Memories?